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About Us

Holland Cooper is a brand so synonymous with British luxury it’s recognised instantly in its use of the most superior Scottish woven tweed and wool combined with the finest suede and leather offering luxury tailoring for both men and women.

Established in 2008 designer Jade Holland Cooper saw a gap in the market for contemporary tweed wear, and armed with a wealth of design experience, infused with her passion for outdoor pursuits ensnared and consequently monopolised this market sector.

About Us

The offering is collectively outerwear and accessories with signature pieces including the Knightsbridge Blazer, Kempton Coat and recently launched Equestrian collection. These sit congenially alongside a collection of superbly crafted jackets, coats, skirts, jeans, hats and skirts.

Each and every tweed piece is hand cut and made wholly in Great Britain. Wools are spun from their raw state into yarns with up to 7 different colour wools and expertly woven into magnificent tweeds in mills that have been running in excess of 200 years.

About Jade

Jade Holland Cooper founder and owner of Holland Cooper Clothing Ltd, started the business at just 21 after turning down unconditional offers at LCF and Central St Martins; opting instead for the Royal Agricultural College where the idea for Holland Cooper was born. “I couldn’t find anything to wear to the country events with any style or individuality, so I set about creating my own" says Jade. She may have been discouraged to leave the RAC by her fellow students but Jade has defied all discerning onlookers and built a name for herself creating a sought after label to lead the movement for 'British Made' brands.

Jades roots lie in the countryside, but her love for fashion and the city life shines through in all her pieces. Jade has created a fast growth fashion house within the heart of the Cotswolds and has proved you do not have to base yourself in London to be a success within the highly competitive fashion world. Her love of equestrian and British heritage fabrics has been a huge influence in the creation and fashion direction of the brand.

A proud supporter of British manufacturing and industry, Jade has kept true to her word still producing all Holland Cooper’s tweed garments in the UK. Each tweed product is hand cut and made in England from wools and tweeds woven in Scotland and Yorkshire.

Now with a highly skilled team of 50+ staff, a proven franchise model, flagship stores, a thriving wholesale business and a fast growth worldwide online model, Jade has proved that you can turn a vision into reality.

For me Holland Cooper is more than just a manufactured brand, it’s about a lifestyle and a philosophy integral to my DNA

Jade Holland Cooper, Founder