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About Us

Holland Cooper is a brand so synonymous with British luxury it’s recognised instantly in its use of the most superior Scottish woven tweed and wool combined with the finest suede and leather offering luxury tailoring for both men and women.

Established in 2008 designer Jade Holland Cooper saw a gap in the market for contemporary tweed wear, and armed with a wealth of design experience, infused with her passion for outdoor pursuits ensnared and consequently monopolised this market sector.

About Us

The offering is collectively outerwear and accessories with signature pieces including the Knightsbridge Blazer, Kempton Coat and recently launched Equestrian collection. These sit congenially alongside a collection of superbly crafted jackets, coats, skirts, jeans, hats and skirts.

Each and every tweed piece is hand cut and made wholly in Great Britain. Wools are spun from their raw state into yarns with up to 7 different colour wools and expertly woven into magnificent tweeds in mills that have been running in excess of 200 years.

About Jade

Jade Holland Cooper founder and owner of Holland Cooper Clothing Ltd, started the business at just 21 after turning down unconditional offers at LCF and Central St Martins; opting instead for the Royal Agricultural College where the idea for Holland Cooper was born. “I couldn’t find anything to wear to the country events with any style or individuality, so I set about creating my own" says Jade. She may have been discouraged to leave the RAC by her fellow students but Jade has defied all discerning onlookers and built a name for herself creating a sought after label to lead the movement for 'British Made' brands.

Jade's roots lie in the countryside, but her love for fashion and the city life shines through in all her pieces. Jade has created a fast growth fashion house within the heart of the Cotswolds and has proved you do not have to base yourself in London to be a success within the highly competitive fashion world. Her love of equestrian and British heritage fabrics has been a huge influence in the creation and fashion direction of the brand.

A proud supporter of British manufacturing and industry, Jade has kept true to her word still producing all Holland Cooper’s tweed garments in the UK. Each tweed product is hand cut and made in England from wools and tweeds woven in Scotland and Yorkshire.

Now with a highly skilled team of 50+ staff, a proven franchise model, flagship stores, a thriving wholesale business and a fast growth worldwide online model, Jade has proved that you can turn a vision into reality. For all press enquiries email

For me Holland Cooper is more than just a manufactured brand, it’s about a lifestyle and a philosophy integral to my DNA

Jade Holland Cooper, Founder

Our History

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  • The Knightsbridge Blazer

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  • Jade Holland Cooper

The year overview

  • 2017

    11/2017 BICESTER VILLAGE BOUTIQUE OPENS - Situated across from super brands Mulberry and Moncler, we couldn’t feel more welcome in our new home. Occupying a 2,000sqft space, the beautiful interior gives the store a luxurious, warm and welcoming feel. Defined by its rich grey walls, chromatic golden mannequins and antique furnishings, the tasteful design pays close attention to detail, reflecting the stunning garments inside it.

    11/2017 HC FLAGSHIP STORE OPENS IN EDINBURGH - Located at number 10 Multrees Walk, the focal point for luxury shopping in the city, the store boasts a deep green exterior complemented by its golden letters and windows dressed in tartan (in true Scottish style.) After seemingly endless blood, sweat and tears store owners Nadia, Murray and our incredible team pulled it out the bag. A huge sense of achievement and a very exciting step for the brand!

    10/2017 HARRODS EXPANSION - We are delighted to reveal that we have tripled our space in Harrods to a whopping 1,200sqft, located on the 5th floor, Men's Designer Room 1. Make sure you all come and take a look, you wont be disappointed!

    09/2017 SHOWROOM LAUNCH - Following months of design and planning, we are excited to announce the opening of our new showroom for private appointments, creating a fabulous setting for a truly bespoke personal shopping experience.

    08/2017 NEW WEBSITE - The re launch of our Website to an all new SAAS platform.

    03/2017 NEW CUSTOM BUILT HQ - The custom built HQ was launched in April, including an impressive showroom, dedicated dispatch unit, Sales HQ and photo and design studio.

  • 2016

    'Capsule luxury ‘Sports line’ launched'

    Harrods saw a consistently strong sales pattern and demand for the brand, resulting in a dedicated space being allocated for Holland Cooper. The 450 - sqft, space was staffed purely by Holland Cooper and the bespoke shop fit has won best display on the 5th floor many times. Quickly being listed as one of the top performing brands on the entire fifth floor. The launch of Gold Label Exclusive’s was launched for Harrods comprising of pure cashmere capes. The collection sold out.

    The Capsule luxury ‘Sports line’ launched featuring 3 styles of luxurious padded jackets, quickly becoming a huge sales success.

    Online and Phone sales also saw a huge uplift in sales. Overall brand growth demanded more space than was available at the HQ in Kingham and a dedicated dispatch unit was hired.

    The team grew from 5 to 12. Our full time factories grew from 3 to 5. A strong management team was recruited including a full time Commercial Director and

    Finance Director working closely with both Jade Holland Cooper and Greg Tufnell to guide the business strategically through exciting growth.

    Holland Cooper employed a full time dedicated pattern cutter to allow new sampling continuously throughout the year.

    Our FB page grew from 0 - 110,000 followers. Holland Cooper was the brand choice for Zara Phillip’s.

    The build of our custom built 7,500 SqFt headquarters begun.

  • 2015

    New Headquarters In Kingham

    After a huge increase in traffic to the website and consistent growth online a new website was launched.

    After doubling the brands sales growth a new headquarters in Kingham owned by the

    Bamford’s and located next door to the prestigious Daylesford Organic was found.

    Our Facebook page and social media rollout begun.

    After much demand, the capsule children’s wear range was launched both online and in store in Harrods. This saw an immediate uptake from both online and in store clients.

    The brand continued to see strong performance and growth in Harrods doubling on the previous year.

    Our first London Pop Up was launched on the King’s Road, this was a huge success in the run up to Christmas and allowed us to perfect our in store pop up formula.

    Our 3rd UK factory was found. And a luxury range of British made leatherwear was launched across the brand.

  • 2014

    The Bobble hat was launched and the craze begun!

    Continued sales growth and understanding the importance of the correct location, the brand relocated to the luxury surroundings of the Cotswolds. The brand saw a huge uplift in personal appointments.

    Holland Cooper continued to have a strong retail presence at the key prestigious county shows, investing in a bespoke built ‘pop up’ creating a luxury retail environment replicating our in store experience. Holland Cooper was the first brand to create a luxury store style retail environment at the county shows – as a result the brand quickly became a destination stop for the who’s who that attended.

    The Gold Label collection was launched, offering luxury pieces made from opulent fabrications. This was an immediate hit in Harrods.

    The Bobble hat was launched and the craze begun!

    The brand expanded to using over 7 UK mills for fabrics and the search began for a 3rd UK factory.

  • 2013

    Drapers 30 Under 30

    The dynamic and rapid growth of the Holland Cooper story saw Jade Holland Cooper recognised as one of Drapers 30 under 30 to watch cementing her, and the brand place in the luxury fashion market.

    Greg Tufnell was appointed as the brands business advisor adding crucial expertise and guidance in a key time of continued growth.

    Holland Cooper was now the brand of choice for all top equestrian riders.

    Fur was introduced to the collection and this saw sales immediately increase.

    The brand sourced a second factory to meet demand and over 5 mills were being used for sourcing UK fabrics.

  • 2012

    Capsule Men’s wear launched

    Harrods approached the brand for a position on the 5th floor adjacent to Barbour, Canada Goose, Burberry and Ralph Lauren. Launching in store on September 2012 the brand quickly became a success in store and a big hit with international customers.

    Online started to see real traction and our first bespoke built website was launched.

    Holland Cooper’s retail success continued to grow. The brand attended all of the top Polo events such as the Cartier and Guards appealing to a new city customer.

    The Capsule Men’s wear was launched.

  • 2011

    'The Cape’

    Each brand has its hero product and in 2011 Holland Cooper first found theirs. ‘The Cape’ encapsulates everything Holland Cooper, the chic design using the finest suede and leather trims with featuring opulent fur and British woven heritage fabrics that has come to identify Holland Cooper so well.

    The cape became a main staple of the Holland Cooper collection year on year and is one of the brands strongest sellers, making Holland Cooper the foremost brand for the Cape.

  • 2010

    First Factory Was Found

    Due to high demand Holland Cooper quickly launched a menswear collection and moved into wholesale both in the UK and internationally.

    Worn by celebrities and featured in the likes of Vogue the young brand continued to grow from strength to strength.

    The brands first factory was found.

  • 2008/9

    Jade Holland Cooper started her luxury fashion brand in 2008.

    Identifying a gap in the market for contemporary tweed clothing. Utilising heritage British fabrics, Jade designed and created a luxury brand with a 21st century twist.

    Through retail shows, online and press Holland Cooper quickly became known in the luxury market.