Jade Holland Cooper features in Tatler alongside husband and Superdry founder, Julian Dunkerton. The pair discuss business battles, instant attraction and a life that’s all work no play. Read the full article exclusively in the June issue.

“People think we’re completely insane but if you’re an entrepreneur, it never leaves you, that inherit fear that you’re not achieving enough, that drive to conquer, of achieving the next goal, it just never goes way”.

“Jade started with 30 mini tweed skirts, which she took too Badminton Horse Trials and sold immediately. On discovering the demand Jade quit College to launch Holland Cooper. Now she has a flagship store in Westfield, sales of £10 million, outlets in Edinburgh, Manchester, Ireland and Bicester.”

Julian admits he must be one of the last tycoons not to have a smartphone in the retail world. "My brain is probably freer to comprehend what is actually happening around me and make better decisions, because it is not clogged up with rubbish"