Holland Cooper

The Woman

“In 2008, I stood in a field at Badminton Horse Trials with an idea called Holland Cooper, this consisted of 30 mini-skirts and a 2-meter stand. From that day forward, I never looked back. I truly believe, if you want to achieve something badly enough, you can and you will”

My Thoughts

“I wanted to harness a style that lasts forever, the investment piece, this is not a trend it’s a way of life”

“I have no interest in chasing fashion, what I am interested in is creating beautiful timeless clothes for women that can be worn in every aspect of life”

the design process

Heritage Design

“The discovery and love of heritage fabrics is imbedded deeply within me, Holland Cooper is a manifestation of my vision to curate pieces that every woman can see in her wardrobe. I do not just design for a season, I do not design for a trend, I design for a purpose and often this translates into trans-seasonal collections that cannot be defined by the weather or season but the lifestyle she is living”

“Clothes should not just be worn, they should be lived in”

the design process


“Holland Cooper is a way of life, a curated collection of pieces that exude luxury and sensibility, pieces that will fit into her lifestyle and stay with her for years to come. I have set out to empower women through beautiful clothes, allowing and facilitating inner strength and power. I believe, if you look good, you feel good ”

My Dream of

Country Chic

“My innate love of the countryside, the great outdoors and chic individual style is woven throughout my collections. I make sure that I am curating and crafting luxury, intertwined with functionality. Why can a product with a purpose not look good whilst performing?”

My Muses

“I am my customer and in many ways, I am designing for myself and the women I surround myself with, they are my muses”


The Old School Way

“I started with tailoring, made in England, in the old fashion way. I have always obsessed over cut and fit ever since I can remember, there is nothing quite like the look of the perfectly cut coat. This love and adoration of true tailoring as an art form runs throughout all my tweed pieces. I wanted to breath love and life into heritage fabrics, transforming them with sharp cuts and bold trims…”


The Power of Quality

“These beautiful fabrics were and still are the foundation & beating heart of who we are as a brand & where we started. When you put one of our coats on, I want you to feel emboldened, strong, fabulous, I believe clothes can do this to you. They certainly do for me.
Throughout our growth, I have continued to keep our tweed tailoring, hand cut & British Made.”

The Horse

“My passion and love for horses has been with me for as long as I can remember. This has translated through my work in so many ways. I have a huge amount to thank horses for, I believe in many ways they have shaped me as a person.”

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