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British Made Luxury

'Made in Britain' is now the most fashionable label to be seen in this season.

'Made in Britain' has become short hand for opulent luxury and ancient craftsmanship now sought after worldwide. Holland Cooper is proud to maintain this by sourcing all our tweed fabrics is the UK and individually hand cutting and making all our tweed garments in the UK. The fashion industry provides 816,000 jobs within the UK; at Holland Cooper we realise the importance of staying a 'British Made' tweed, this has been a passion for Jade Holland Cooper, founder and owner of Holland Cooper who has strived to maintain the luxurious British make even throughout the tough economic climate. Trading Britishness has been at the forefront of Jade Holland Cooper's strategy from the outset, this has now seen to pay off as at London Fashion week last year there was seen to be a push for the fashion industry to move back to its production roots here in the UK. Sir Phillip Green's speech proved iconic as he stipulated the importance of improving our manufacturing units in the UK not only for the industry but also to boost the economic climate in the UK . This year Holland Cooper has combined the opulent city flare with the Quintessentially British look to create the most iconic British tweed collection to date incorporating Ostrich Skin and Shearling for uncompromising luxury.

It is this kind of promotion of British industry that is getting Holland Cooper noticed internationally. In a world where primary industry has previously hopped from one country to the next depending on the cheapest possible labour, it is truly refreshing how Jade Holland Cooper, pursues the road not taken by many and supports British manufacturing. Jade started the company back in 2007, with the goal to bring London to the countryside, and bring heritage Scottish tweed ‘kicking and screaming’ into the 21st Century.

Why is British Made so Sought After?

There is now a strong emphasis on the need to understand and appreciate where products have been sourced and how they have been made. The demand for lasting luxury over one hit wonders has proved a must in tough economic climates throughout the UK and this has shown heads turning back to long lasting quality fabrics such as tweed. The 'Investment piece' such as British 'tweed coats and jackets' have become a must have this season and an appreciation for quality and a thirst to know where and how things are made have lead the market for UK made products.

In the current economic climate it is difficult for most companies, especially for those who choose to defy the modern convention of heading east for primary industry; bu tHolland Cooper have managed to grow year on year, producing their new collection which is being described as ‘urban country chic’ tweed. It is this success that boasts them to be a part of the new British frontier; bringing back the heritage of British industry, and fighting off the recession on the home front.

British Made Tweed Holland Cooper
Holland Cooper British Made Tweed